Who we are

The all we are jewellery range is here! Our unique collection is enriched through stories, colour and culture - as well as being pure fire.


We wanted to create pieces that were not only seriously cute, but also super symbolic. From snakes to peonies, each piece gives the wearer a story to tell and a meaning to hold on to. Inspired by tales from our boys Hans Christen Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, we’re celebrating the power of story telling and the lessons we can learn from fables. Throughout the collection you’ll find stars to remind you to get your kindness on, apples to encourage your rebellious streak  and whitesnakes help you release your inner power.


To launch the collection with collaborated with Black Honey’s enigmatic lead singer Izzy B Phillips. We wanted a muse whose creative values aligned with ours and for the jewellery to be showcased in its natural habitat - slaying the stage and creating magic. Izzy’s undefinable style and DGAF attitude make her the perfect all we are babe - and she totally embodies the optimistic and inclusive vibe that we’re all about. Don’t know Black Honey? Then get to know. Their latest album is on Spotify - a heady mix of punk and indie with a sprinkling of nostalgia - and you can find out more about Izzy in our exclusive all we are interview. She chatted to us about her songwriting process, saying ‘Boy Bye’ to traditional beauty standards and why she’s putting a middle finger up to negativity.


If, like Izzy, you want to make a statement, our range really puts the wearer at centre stage. You’ll find bold colours to make sure you get noticed and intricate details to ensure you’re not easy to forget. But to us, jewellery is not only about how we express ourselves to the world, it’s also a way of finding a little piece of joy in the everyday. Hidden deets, like the star on the back of our Taler Pendant - will give you a quiet moment of self love whenever you need it. We want you to have positivity in every part of your life - from your Instagram feed to your necklaces - so you can have that cute AF smile on your face every time you walk out the door.


all we are is for the fashion forward rule breakers, leading the revolution of self acceptance and the rebellion of happiness. We’re at the start of our journey and on a mission to celebrate individuality, chase happiness and have hella fun along the way. Want in? Come along for the joy ride.

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