Tale of white snake

Tale of White Snake

Taking inspiration from the story of a servant that eats the secret food of the king, a white snake and can understand animals. Through his new skill he responds to the cries for help from various animals, who in return promise to repay his kindness. When the King’s daughter is to be married, the servant completes the tasks set to win her hand with the help of the animals. Finally finding the golden apple the princess falls in love with him, forgetting her reservations about his social standing. We love this story as it tells us to follow our intuition, and know that acts of kindness will be repaid.

At all we are, negativity is cancelled and positivity is our 24/7 mood. Good vibes, pure intentions and self empowerment is what we’re all about, which is why we included a white snake in our jewellery collection - a symbol of all of the above.


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