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You know us – we love to tell stories through jewellery. It’s only human nature to be fascinated by a captivating tale. There’s a reason every modern language has its own translation of the phrase ‘once upon a time.’ Whether it’s an ancient Greek epic or a familiar bedtime story, we just can’t get enough of ‘em.

It’s part of the human experience to love storytelling. You could even say it’s all we are.

Our new SS22 collection is about sending a salute to our favourite mythologies, while exploring how they connect us to our past and to each other. Let’s face it – you only need to open Netflix to see the influence of fairytales and folklore on modern pop culture. We’re all suckers for a classic Disney ‘happily ever after,’ and your favourite Marvel character is bound to have been inspired by an ancient Goddess or God somewhere down the line.

We’ll never truly understand how these familiar narratives have such a hold on us, but that’s okay – sometimes mystery makes the story that much sweeter. We’re just here to celebrate the tales that reach beyond the scope of time and distance to connect us all.


Ahh, sunshine. Whether you’re topping up your tan or admiring it through a window at work, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of warmth on your face. Despite our distances physically and temporally, there’s one thing for certain that binds us all together – we feel great when the sun’s shining.

But don’t just take our word for it. Humanity has celebrated the rise of the sun for literally thousands of years, and the proof can be seen throughout ancient Mesoamerican, Egyptian and European culture. It’s in the sarsen stones at Stonehenge, organised to line up with the sunrise; in the sun temples all around the globe, dedicated to solar deities; even in some of the earliest ancient runes, which clearly depict symbols of sunrays. And who knows? Maybe that sunshine emoji you sent in your group chat this morning was the next chapter of the same story.

Our Inti and Nahi collections are designed to celebrate this sun-loving connection that binds us together – because deep down, we’re not actually so different from each other. The hand-enamelled details look their best in full sunshine, so we recommend you head outside to show them off.



You know what will never go out of style? Colour. Bold, bright hues are seen again and again in fashion and artwork through the ages, so our designers delighted in getting creative with them for this SS22 collection.

Ever noticed how those vibrant yellow daffodils at the start of spring seem to put a smile on your face? Modern colour psychology has scientifically proven what feng shui has claimed since ancient Chinese times: that colour can have a direct influence on our mood. Not only that, but archaeological finds from across the globe have shown traces of coloured pigment, so there’s literal evidence that humanity just can’t seem to get enough of bright tones. Here at all we are, we’re super-inspired by the historical art movements that put an emphasis on colour, such as the joyful Art Deco style of the 1920s. So just remember – maybe all it takes is wearing your favourite orange jewellery to put the people around you in a slightly better mood.

What’s coral, turquoise and gold all over? Our SS22 collection, of course. The Tozi and Quilla collections celebrate the history of colour through shining hand-finished enamel panels, intricate beaded chains and more than enough charm to see you through the brightest season of the year.



If there’s one animal that reaches across the barriers of distance and decades with symbolism, it’s the snake. We love this mythology so much that you’ll find a serpent piece in every all we are collection, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

One of our favourite snake mythologies is the Feathered Serpent deity. This impressive symbol of heaven and Earth dates back further even than ancient Mesoamerica – and yet, there are cultures today that continue to pay tribute to similar ‘Plumed Figures,’ even thousands of years later. There’s also the iconic ancient depiction of a snake eating its own tail, which has been interpreted (appropriately) as a symbol for eternity. We bet you’ll even have spotted a serpent symbol for yourself today; they can be found in the global logo for medicine, intertwined around a sword.

Where would we be now, if not for the universal icon for medicine emblazoned on every pharmacy door, all around the world? We like to think of our Quetzal collection as a tribute to how powerful symbols can be, so wear yours confidently to carry the strength of the snake.



And now for a slightly more gothic option – skull pendant, anyone?

Mythological interpretations of life and death often revolve around a common theme – that without the dark, there would be no light. It’s important to remember that death can also symbolise the start of a new chapter, rather than just an ending.

These Cuaxi skull pendants aim to remind that from the bad times, good things often emerge; pair them with a red lip and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.



Is there anything more architecturally impressive than the ancient pyramids? We can’t help but be inspired by those incredible geometric shapes, and the way they appear to emerge organically from the ground in so many different cultures.

There’s evidence that the turquoise stone was featured in ancient jewellery as a symbol of nobility and wealth, so if you’re looking to channel timeless style fit for royalty, then the Itza collection is for you.




The immortal nature of our favourite stories means that they won’t fade away like trends in fashion. Mythology long pre-dates the internet and will undoubtedly outlive it, so these legends will still be around thousands of years from now - as long as we continue to share them with each other.

Regardless of their origin, language, or culture, the best stories will always have the power to shape culture all around the world.

So, tell us – what’s your story?


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