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Introducing Nadia Soukri! Backstage on location at Acton Skatepark, we smuggled her away from the action to get to know each other a little better. We think she’s about as all we are as it gets… and not to mention style goals.

Thanks so much for chatting to us! Why don't you start by saying hi…

Hi, my name’s Nadia. I live in Chesham and I’m 20.

Have you come from Chesham today?

Yeah, it’s like an hour and a half by train. It was alright but it was packed ‘cause everyone was going to work.

Oof. And you brought your skateboard too... So when was the first time you tried skating?

Um, I started kind of skating in the summer… A year ago, I think? Or maybe two years ago. Or maybe it was in lockdown, actually! All my friends used to just sit at the skatepark, so I used their boards and found it so fun. Then I ended up buying myself a skateboard. This one!

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Are you good at it?

No… haha. Not really! Well, I’m okay.

So modest! Can you do any tricks?

I can do a shove-it. Or I could back then – not sure if I still can anymore. We’ll see today! I skate more from A-to-B. To get to places, you know? Sometimes I skate if I’m late to the train.

Like in Back to the Future! What would be your tips for a beginner?

I always used to go to the skatepark and feel really shy, because obviously I’m not that good. But you don't need to be shy, ‘cause everyone starts somewhere. No one’s actually judging you; everyone’s just doing their own thing.

Nadia quote: No one’s actually judging you; everyone’s just doing their own thing.

Have you made friends through skating?

Yeah, I’ve made a few friends! It’s always the same group of people that tend to be there, so you get to know people. Where I’m from, it’s more boys who do skating, apart from my friends, but it’s a nice friendly community. If someone sees you struggling, they’ll come over and help you.

Where do you hang out, apart from the skatepark?

There’s a pub in my town – I live in a really small town – where everyone seems to know each other. It doesn’t feel like a normal pub. You get to see people you haven’t seen in ages, people from school and stuff. It’s pretty cute.

When you’re not skateboarding, what do you do for fun?

I do a lot of art. I see my friends. I cook. I made a curry for the first time the other day and it was actually alright! I’m a vegetarian so I just cook veggie food. Healthy vibes only. My best friend's parents own a café and deli, so I help there and with the cooking.

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And have you been super busy doing your modelling too?

I’ve been signed for about three years now, but I haven’t really done much, ‘cause I signed just before the pandemic happened. I didn’t too much in lockdown, obviously, but it’s just started to pick up now again, in the last year or so.

Good news! Breaking you in easy with some hardcore skating. So how have you found today?

Yeah, it’s good! I like the vibes, it’s all so chill. And I love the jewellery - it’s so pretty!

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