Room 102

Inside 'Room 102'

Creative souls always search for a place to belong. If you’re a writer, musician, or artist, you probably know the feeling. Sometimes changing your environment is all it takes… before you know it, you could find yourself flooded with new ideas and cool new people to help achieve them.

The Hotel Chelsea has been an iconic spot for creatives for over 130 years – minus a few decades for renovations here and there. In its prime, Hotel Chelsea offered way more than your average overnight stay. It was a haven for creativity. Artists arrived from all over the world to create gloriously provocative, confessional, or downright-messy works of art. You know; the kind of art that just can’t be held inside any longer.

Okay, so the hotel may have lacked five-star service. Its elevator was famously unreliable, and wallpaper peeled from almost every wall. But what the Hotel Chelsea lacked in glamour, it made up for with its people. Day and night, authors fell asleep in the lobby while writing their next masterpieces; musicians worked on future cult-classic records in their bedrooms; fashion and performance art spilled out into corridors and over balconies. Behind every closed door was a story, poised for film cameras. “Everybody passing through here is somebody, if not in the outside world,” said Patti Smith. Everyone has a place at the Hotel Chelsea.

In our new AWA campaign, we capture the magic of this creative atmosphere in action. ‘Room 102’ is filled with books, instruments, photography equipment – and, of course, our new SS23 jewellery range – but what steals the scene is the feeling that something magical is in the works. Our leads are in the middle of their creative process, making something incredible.

So don’t mind the piled-up books and records. In Room 102, mess isn’t a problem – it’s encouraged. Bring your ideas and join us. We’ve saved a room for you.