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A super quick history of charms and symbols

Let’s face it, jewellery has never just been about wearing something cute around your neck or wrist. Whilst it’s true, accessorising with some bling can elevate your lewk from average to extra, there has always been a much deeper meaning to the pieces we choose to decorate ourselves with. Jewellery can be a symbol of status, a token of affection or a sign of good luck - or in some cases all three - and there’s a long history of jewellery and charms meaning more than meets the eye. 

In Ancient Egypt, jewellery was super popular and worn by both men and women (shout out to my Ancient gender non-conforming huns!). One of the most popular features of Egyptian jewellery were protective amulets - charms carved into the shape of animals or gods. These charms were thought to protect the wearer from evil - much like the healing crystal pendant people wear today. People of all social status would wear jewellery in Ancient Egypt, although of course the most expensive materials were reserved for the Pharaohs and Queens - best believe Cleopatra was drippin’.

Another royal who was a huge fan of symbolic jewellery was our girl Queen Victoria. An influencer of her day, Vic has been credited with bringing the charm bracelet back into fashion in European court. She would commission bespoke charms to be created and give them as meaningful gifts. Her personal charm collections were often representative of her family and the love of her life, Albert. Now everyone knows her and Albert were #couplegoals, but did you know that when he died she commissioned a ‘mourning charm bracelet’ that featured a picture of him and a lock of his hair? She wore the special piece of jewellery until the day she died in 1901.  

In all we are’s first collection, we’re giving charms a modern day makeover - with no lock of hair included, we promise. Each piece has meaning attached, inspired by stories that have been told all over the world, since the beginning of time.

The Star – A symbol of Kindness

We were inspired by the story of The Star Talers, an old fable about a young homeless girl that showed true kindness. The girl was so poor that she had practically nothing and yet still went through the town, giving her possessions to those who needed them more. From her shoes, her food and even literally the dress off her back, she gave everything away. She ended up in a forest, alone, hungry and naked. Suddenly the stars in the sky started falling, turning into gold coins at her feet - giving a whole new meaning to ‘making it rain’. Her kindness was rewarded and she was suddenly rich beyond her wildest dreams. We featured the ‘Star’ symbol to remind us that karma is for real and to get our kindness on whenever we can.

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The Apple – A symbol of Rebellion

The Apple crops up throughout history, often symbolising something we should try to resist. Of course, there’s the OG forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, where Eve gave in to temptation and took a bite. Even the fairly well behaved Snow White couldn’t quite stick to the rules when it came to the poisoned apple, nearly dying - until bae saved her with true love’s first kiss. Then there’s William Tell who made the risky move of shooting an apple off his son’s head before leading a rebellion. For us, the apple is all about living your truth, leaving shame behind and taking risks. We’ve incorporated apples into our jewelry so you can wear one as a daily reminder to do you - regardless of what other people think.


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The White Snake – A symbol of Inner Power 

For us the snake is all about releasing the power within. We were inspired by the story of the servant who eats a white snake - the secret food of the king. After eating the snake he can suddenly understand animals! With this new skill unlocked, he uses his power for good - helping various animals who promise to repay his kindness one day. When the King’s daughter is to be married, the servant completes the tasks set to win her hand with the help of the animals. The princess, of course, falls in love with him. We love this story as it tells us to follow our intuition and unlock powers we never knew we had. Dreaming of a white snake also means that a new beginning is ahead of you.


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Johanna – A Symbol of Beauty Within

Inspired by the story The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen, we are reminded about the importance of the beauty within. The story tells of a Chinese Emperor who wishes to possess the most beautiful thing in the empire, the song of the nightingale. The plain grey bird was brought to court and his song gave joy to all that heard it. The emperor is gifted a mechanical bird decorated with jewels and loses interest in the nightingale. When the mechanical bird breaks the Emperor becomes deadly ill. At the very moment when death comes to take the Emperor the nightingale comes and sings for him moving death so much he leaves the Emperor and his health is restored. Never forget the power of your beauty within.


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Peony – A symbol of Romance

Princess Aya was the heroine of an old Japanese fairytale, which inspired us to create the Aya range. One evening Aya trips and nearly falls into a lake, but is saved by a young Samurai who then suddenly vanishes. Despite the Samurai totally ghosting her, Aya pines for her love, who wore a tunic of peonies - her favourite flower. She had been due to marry a nobleman, but the wedding was postponed as her health deteriorated. The Samurai is finally found, but when he’s captured he turns into a peony. It’s decided that it was the spirit of the peony that saved her life, and as she looks after the flower, day by day her health is restored. For us the peony is the ultimate symbol of true love and romance - as well as representing self care and self love.


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