Izzy loves...

We are super excited to have Black Honey bad ass Izzy Bee Phillips as our brand ambassador so to celebrate we wanted to share what "Izzy loves" from our all we are jewellery collections. Scroll down for more...(be warned, you may fall in love with it as much as we have!)

white snake

Good vibes, pure intentions and self empowerment is what we’re all about, which is why we included a white snake in our collection - a symbol of all of the above. For us the whitesnake collection is all about releasing the power within.


We wanted to create pieces that were not only seriously cute, but also super symbolic. For us, the apple is all about living your truth, leaving shame behind and taking risks. We’ve incorporated apples into our jewellery, so you can wear one as a daily reminder to do you - regardless of what other people think.


The bozena collection features our iconic star symbol to remind us that karma is for real and to get our kindness on whenever we can. Discover the key to kindness with our cosmic cool star jewellery edit.

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