Good vibez only

At all we are, negativity is cancelled and positivity is our 24/7 mood. Good vibes, pure intentions and self empowerment is what we’re all about, which is why we included a white snake in our collection - a symbol of all of the above.


 If you’re trying to be more positive and confident, social media can be both your best friend and worst enemy - it’s all about curating your feed so that feel good vibes reign supreme.  Here are our fave celebs and influencers who will bring guaranteed optimism to your scrolling.


Jonathan Van Nes - @jvn


Whilst the whole Queer Eye fam bring some much needed positivity to our Netflix and Chill sessions, we are categorically OBSESSED with JVN. The breakout star of the QU reboot, Jonathan’s warmth and wit has made him the nation’s sweetheart - on both sides of the Atlantic. Luckily for us, even when you’ve finished binge watching the latest series, Jonathan’s Instagram is a gorgeous treasure trove of uplifting content. His morning coffee dance routines help you start your day right and his adorable obsession with figure skating will have you saying ‘Yaas Kween!’ every time he lands a double axle. Always positive and unapologetically himself, JVN embodies everything we love about individuality.


Sonny Turner - @Sonnyturner


Sonny is a walking, talking thirst trap, that keeps is real. Not only is the body positive model #stun but her page radiates optimism with every post and truly embodies her ethos of ‘everyBODYisbeautiful’. She constantly calls out myths around perfection and celebrates her curves in the most beautiful way. In between gorgeous pictures of a bikini clad Sonny living her best life, you’ll also find endless examples of how she is trying to make the world a better place. From visiting Ghana with Bodyshop to working with brands like We Are We Wear who make swimwear for women of all shapes, Sonny walks the walk when it comes to inclusivity.



Chrissy Teigen - @chrissyteigen


Chrissy Teigen is an entertainment triple threat - gorgeous, smart and funny.  The wife of John Legend (who she constantly drags much to her followers delight), Chrissy shares her life in the most real and hilarious way possible. Whether it’s getting ready for the Grammy’s or a family vacay, she lifts the lid of the supposed glamorous life of celebrities and makes you realise they have as many #fail moments as us. The Queen of Clapbacks, Chrissy’s social media is also a masterclass in how to deal with haters and deflect negativity. Trolls and presidents alike aren’t safe from Chrissy's witty put downs that come out when people come for her or her family.


Sophia Hadjipanteli @Sophiahadjipanteli


Model and influencer, Sophia Hadjipanteli, describes herself as a ‘social reject that found her people’ and girl, did she - 377k of them to be precise. Founder of the #Unibrownmovement, she pays no mind to societal beauty norms and is living proof that when we embrace our uniqueness, good things happen. Her posts often reflect on her personal journey to self acceptance, and her more emotional captions are a love letter to anyone that’s ever felt different. Beautiful, honest and totally herself, Sophia is all round goals. We’re also totally obsessed with her makeup lewks and her style is pure fire.


Lizzo - @lizzobeeating


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you probably already have some idea of the badass power house that is Lizzo. Not only is she a best selling bop machine, but both her music and her social media prove she is the ultimate goddess of self-love. Her Insta is a celebration of all things Lizzo - so expect motivational sound bites, gorgeous body positive photo shoots and a LOT of twerking with her girl squad. For fans of wind instruments, Lizzo’s iconic flute Sasha also makes regular guest appearances - that’s when not she’s busy with her own 200k followers, of course.

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