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all we are AW22 - creation connection

The all we are AW22 campaign is about finding a balance between creation and observation. Whether we’re showing off our favourite jewellery looks on the gram or still waiting for a time to shine, we’re all observers and creators. The cycle offers endless opportunities to connect with others, and everyone has their own part to play.

In a quiet room with nothing but CCTV video recorders and monitors for entertainment, our two all we are muses discover each other through the lens – and in the process, they discover themselves. The observer becomes the creator as they explore their roles in front of the camera, destroying the barriers that keep them apart. Under super-cool lighting, our new AW22 jewellery collection takes centre-stage.

Developed right here in our London Bridge studio, these new styles are designed with influence from ancient Norse mythology – but that’s just the start of the story. Norse lore tells of powerful all-seeing figures that observe us from above; of mighty goddesses with the power to create lightning from thin air. We think it’s time to put that power into your hands.

all we are invites you to create a unique look from our vibrant new enamel colours, hand-set crystals, and sleek metallic plating. Create an aesthetic that’s all your own and take it to the spotlight. Just so you know, you won’t find any photo touch-ups here – our jewellery looks best paired with your authentic self.

Check out the full video on our homepage - and stay tuned for a style guide of our favourite AW22 pieces very soon...


Left image shows Tia in our Jorgmungandr Torc Necklace, Cuff and Hoops Earrings. Right image shows Jenni in our Sobek Hoop Earrings, as well as the Sif Crystal Arrow Bangle and Pendant

Jorgmungandr Torc Necklace | Jorgmungandr Torc Cuff | Jorgmungandr Torc Hoop Earrings  Sobek Hoop Earrings | Sif Crystal Arrow Hinge Bangle | Sif Crystal Arrow Pendant 

Tia leans over a CCTV monitor and smiles. She is wearing the Rune Naudiz Coin Earrings and Mjolnir Lightning Hammer Drop Earrings.

Sobek Crocodile Hinged Bangle | Mjolnir Lightning Hammer Drop Earrings | Rune Naudiz Coin Stud Earrings


Both left and right images display our all we are models wearing the Heimdall, Thordis and Inti collection jewellery. They are inspired by lightning bolts and look great paired together for geometric style.

Thordis Thunderbolt Necklace | Heimdall Pavé Crystal Thunderbolt Stud Earrings | Heimdall Pavé Crystal Thunderbolt Cuff Heimdall Pavé Crystal Thunderbolt Cuff | Thordis Thunderbolt Necklace | Thordis Thunderbolt Drop Earrings

Jenni smiling in front of two CCTV monitors, which display still images of our AWA Logo Bracelet in Gold and Silver. She wears the Thordis Pendant, Rune Naudiz Pendant, Sobek Cuff and Sif Bangle.

Heimdall Pavé Crystal Thunderbolt Pendant | Rune Naudiz Coin Pendant | Sif Crystal Arrow Hinge Bangle | AWA Logo Pavé Crystal Bracelet | Sobek Crocodile Hinged Bangle


Left image displays a side-view of Jenni laying on her back, arms in the air as she looks at her Rune Naudiz Bracelet. There's a CCTV monitor in front of her face, displaying the profile side-view of our other model, Tia - looking thoughtful. Right image shows Tia face-on to the camera, wearing our Thordis Drop Earrings and Thordis Necklace.

Rune Naudiz Coin Bracelet | Sif Crystal Arrow Hinge Bangle Sif Crystal Arrow Hinge Bangle | Valkyrie Axehead Bracelet | AWA Logo Pavé Crystal Pendant Necklace | Thordis Thunderbolt Necklace | Thordis Thunderbolt Drop Earrings

Tia wears our Jorgmungandr Hoop Earring and Necklace as she looks into the camera. Behind her are two CCTV monitors, showing the same image from different angles.

Jorgmungandr Torc Necklace | Jorgmungandr Torc Hoop Earrings | AWA Logo Pavé Crystal Stud Earrings | Rune Sowilo Coin Stud Earrings