Autumn '22 inspiration

Fancy a look inside the minds of the all we are jewellery designers? Here’s glimpse into the meanings behind our newest jewellery collection, influenced by ancient Norse mythology and folklore.

Each piece from our AW22 collection is infused with fun symbolism and good vibes – because mindful choices in jewellery are a sure-fire way to boost your energy.

Whether you make your statement with lightning bolts, mythical creatures, or ancient goddesses – the next chapter is down to you. How will you style yours?


Lightning Bolts

Lightning bolts strike across our Heimdall and Mjolnir styles, ready to help you take the day by storm. These pieces are for the forces to be reckoned with.

We named the Heimdall collection after the all-seeing Norse god; a powerful figure that spends his life watching over the earth from the top of his rainbow bridge… so it’s no surprise this trio is designed to keep you the centre of attention. Style the studs solo for subtle glam, or go hard with the whole set – which includes a pendant necklace and cuff bracelet.

The Mjolnir collection is our take on Thor’s famous lighting-strike hammer. Even though it has some seriously legendary strength, the Mjolnir hammer wasn’t just used for destruction – it was also seen as a symbol of protection over the Earth. We’ve paired it with our favourite lightning-bolt motif to create a token of good luck.


We’ve expanded our collection of stackable favourites for AW22. This new assortment of pendant necklaces, chain bracelets, and stud earrings will go with anything and everything.

Invigorate your look with our zigzag-inspired AWA Logo collection – because why go in a straight path when you can take the scenic route? These zigzags take influence from the geometric shape of our initials for a simple, eye-catching look that’s sure to attract attention.

We’ve also rejuvenated our Inti collection with brand new colours. The beautiful turquoise enamel is hand-finished by Aneta, our resident artist and technician, right here in our London Bridge studio.

Feminine Strength

Of course, it wouldn’t be an all we are drop without an homage to feminine strength. This selection of show-stoppers take their names from extraordinary female figures throughout Norse mythology.

Our Valkyrie set is inspired by the group of powerful female figures that guided souls to the afterlife. This dainty axehead charm puts a playful, feminine spin on a classic symbol of Viking power, as a proud salute to feminine strength. Consider the Valkyrie pendant, bracelet, and earrings your battle armour.

And the Thordis collection is our bolt from the blue. The vibrant lightning motif is inspired by Thordis, one of our favourite fictional goddesses, who has the ability to lightning. Style your Thordis pieces solo to bring a touch of magic to your look, or wear the earrings and necklace together to render those around you utterly thunderstruck.

Mythical Creatures

One thing you can count on from all we are is the seasonal snake jewellery. Paired with our other mythical creature-inspired pieces, you’ve got a collection with a whole lot of bite.

The Jorgumandr style is our freshest snake design. Our designers took inspiration from torcs – twisted metal rope chains that are seen in real ancient jewellery – and the scaled snakehead motif stands as a symbol of eternity and rebirth. Every time you pop this beautiful bangle on your wrist, we take a moment to think of our ancestors, inspired by the same creatures and elements as we are today.

For an eye-catching finishing touch, pair with our crystal-encrusted Lupa she-wolf range, named after a mythical wolf who raised human sons in the woods. If it's a bite more spice you're after, the blood-red tipped Fenrir earrings might be your new favourite - they're inspired by the mythical Fenrir wolf, one of the most powerful creatures in Norse mythology.