Airbrush? no thanks

4 reasons why we don't airbrush

Airbrushing model pics? That's so 2018. We’re embracing our natural beauty here at All We Are and adopting a strict no airbrushing scheme for all our photos.

“At All We Are we are our customers - nobody here walks around with an airbrushing filter, so we don’t expect you to either,” says Craig Hemming, Press & Marketing Manager. “As such we’ve taken a stand against airbrushing our images and embracing this as part of our brand ethos.”

As the definition of beauty has changed over time, we’re all for embracing and accepting our imperfections. After all, you are what makes you beautiful.

Here’s why we’re calling quits on airbrushing…

1. It's cool to be authentic, FYI

Your real, true self is the coolest you can be. Can we get a hell yeah? Facial hair, spots, uneven skin tone and all – we’re fighting back at airbrushed makeup images that are artificial representations of models. No Photoshopping welcome here, huns.

2. We're spreading self-love and empowerment

Kindness and inclusivity are at the core of our brand. We believe in spreading the message of confidence, pride and authenticity through our images to show that airbrushed perfection is not real life. It can also lead to bad mental health, feelings of inadequacy and constant comparison - and we have NO time for that. See ya negativity.

3. Airbrushing is basically the equivalent to Insta filtering everything (and there's a time and a place for that)

Ok, filtering your holiday pics with the Clarendon or Juno filter on Instagram is totally welcomed by us (don’t get us wrong, we do it ourselves). But when you see airbrushed images of models, it takes filtering to a whole new level - and quite frankly, we’re over it. Celebs such as Stacey Solomon, Demi Lovato and Jameela Jamil are also fans of portraying the ‘real deal’ on social media and billboards.

4.Brands that don't airbrush are becoming the norm

Listen up, no airbrushing is becoming a major trend in the media right now. In February 2020, Olay announced that they plan to stop retouching their photos by the end of the year, in a bid to produce more aspirational images. Another brand that doen’t digitally enhance itsmodels is Boots Health & Beauty magazine - in fact, they’ve not airbrushed or retouched cover models or beauty shoots since 2013. Impressive, huh?

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