Our collection is enriched through stories, colour and culture; giving a sense of self-expression that transcends fast fashion. Style should have meaning. this is all we are.

Chase Your Joy

There’s so much joy in the world - you just have to know where to find it and when you do, keep it close. With unique, hidden design features made with careful craftsmanship, the collection is all about treating yo' self - created to give you a quiet moment of self love each time you fasten a necklace or put in an earring.

Positivity is a vibe, and we’re here for it. Follow the fun, slay the day and be sure to share the love - your smile is cute AF, so let everyone see it.

all we are is our joy, and yours is worth chasing xoxo

Celebrate Your Individuality

If comparison is the thief of joy, then individuality is the bounty hunter. We’re done with seeking validation and following the crowd. The collection is inspired by the colour and diversity of life - we’ve got no time for judgements and are throwing shade on shame.

all we are is for the rule breakers; those who deny definition and refuse to conform. Accepting ourselves and others is the ultimate act of rebellion, and we’re ready for a revolution, babe.

all we are is our individuality, and yours is worth celebrating xoxo

Tell Your Story

Like music and art, jewellery is a creative form of self expression - a way to share your unique story with the world and keep you shining. Each piece in the collection is infused with symbolism and inspired by a tale, passed down through generations. But now it’s time for them to be part of a new narrative and new adventures - with you at centre stage, living your best life.

Wear them on wild nights out, and special nights in, when you’re making art or making mistakes. Make great memories and even better stories - then come back and spill the tea.

all we are is our story, and yours is worth telling xoxo